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BT CYO Family and Spectator Code of Conduct
1 - Parents and spectators set the tone for the players just as much as Coaches do. Please behave with the utmost respect for all the athletes, coaches, and officials. Good Sportsmanship is mandatory. Parents and spectators from both teams are invited to join the players in pre-game prayer as a sign of good sportsmanship and faith.

2 - Respect all players, including the opponents.

3 - Respect the integrity, authority, honesty, and judgment of the officials.

4 - Respect and support your child’s coaches, regardless of the outcome of the game.

5 - Treat all facilities and property with respect. Clean up the area at the conclusion of the game, even if the

6 - Smoking and drinking alcohol is prohibited anywhere near the fields or any areas where CYO games and practices are held. Do not attend any CYO games or practices while intoxicated.

7 - Avoid profane language, ethnic comments, negative slurs and inappropriate behavior. Socially unacceptable
behavior will NOT be tolerated.

8 - Never strike or put your hand on a child, including your own.

9 - Do not engage in altercations with officials, or with opposing parents, coaches, or players. Spectators are NOT to speak or yell to officials at any time. Failure to comply WILL lead to request to leave the site, and action against the coach and the team. Failure to leave the site will result in forfeiture of the game and further disciplinary action against the coach, team, and parish.

10 - You may not enter the field or court at any time, including in the case of injury, unless directed by the official.

11 - Winning is not measured by the final score, but by the goals the coaches and players set for themselves for each game.

12 - Only root for and encourage the children while they are playing. Do NOT confuse them by shouting instructional advice. Let the Coaches coach.

13 - If you are dissatisfied with a coach or have suggestions, discuss the problem in private first, never during the game or in front of others. Do not undermine the coach or speak lowly of him or her in the presence of others, especially your own child. Yelling at a coach before, during, or after a game or practice sets a poor example for the entire team and results in lowering morale for everyone. If speaking to the coach does not resolve the situation, please contact your Athletic Director (AD) or Parish Athletic Representative (PAR).

14 - Encourage your child to speak with the coach, particularly if having difficulties, or when he or she cannot attend practices or games. Taking responsibility is a big part of becoming a mature person. By handling these tasks, your child will be claiming ownership of all aspects of their participation.

15 - Support your child and your team by making sure your child is on time and prepared for all games and practices. Playing on a team is a commitment. Be your child’s best fan and support him or her unconditionally. After a game or practice, focus on the positive aspects of their play.

16 - Realize we are here with one purpose in mind.  

All participants and spectators agree to abide by the aforementioned rules and guidelines. All participants and spectators further understand that failure to do so will result in disciplinary action that may include, but is not limited to the following:

Verbal warning by the official or head coach.
Written warning by the parish or league organization.
Removal from the site for the remainder of the game.
Forfeiture of the game by the team.
Suspension from additional games and practices.
Suspension of your child from the parish organization and from CYO.
Permanent suspension from CYO.
Pursuit of criminal and civil charges if warranted.