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The Blessed Trinity Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) is an important part of our youth’s parish life experience. Through spiritual, social, service and athletic programs our goal is to help our children develop their relationship with God and come to better understand themselves and the Catholic faith. In partnership together, parents, priests, coaches and volunteers provide a variety of programs to children from the age of 5 through 18 that:
  • Assist parish leadership in nourishing the emotional, spiritual, social and physical needs of young people.
  • Encourage young people to appreciate the gifts they possess, and challenge them to share these gifts with their community.
  • Encourage youth to become responsible members in their faith community.
  • Employ a healthy and enjoyable competition within the sports programs to promote the sharing of gospel values among athletes, coaches and parents.
CYO is committed to the dignity and worth of each child it serves, regardless of physical talents, mental strength, or emotional health, and hopes that the same respect for life will become a part of his or her value system. CYO wants each child to know that they are wanted, loved and respected.


Athletic programs are seen as one way of implementing the mission of the CYO. Program goals include:
  • To increase self-confidence and self-reliance.
  • To increase interpersonal competence.
  • To increase a sense of caring toward others.
The sense of caring fostered by CYO Athletics helps players understand the aspect of service to others, and helps them better understand their sense of belonging. Youth are brought together from different parishes, schools and social backgrounds in an atmosphere that fosters the recognition of individual strengths and limitations, the lessons of winning and losing, and respect for all involved: fellow players, opponents, coaches, and officials. In other words, CYO is in the business of teaching life values that aid boys and girls in their development towards adulthood. It is worth noting that CYO Athletics is not viewed primarily as a sport developmental program.

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